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See How Associations are Using Data Builder to

Gather Timely Insights for Their Members


NEED: Association Societies Alliance wanted to provide their members with data that illustrated the impact of COVID-19 on membership and other areas being affected due to the pandemic. They also wanted to collect feedback on how they could best assist during this uncharted environment. 

SOLUTION: Dynamic Benchmarking worked with ASA’s team to develop a set of questions where members could quickly provide feedback on their current state of membership, budget and staff, along with forecasting plans and areas where help is needed.  ASA's team was able to utilize the data to understand where they should turn their focus to assist their members the most. Their members were able to utilize the data to understand how to plan for the remainder of 2020 based on trends developing in the industry.


NEED: The American Land Title Association’s members needed to continue to provide their services during COVID-19, but in a safe manner for their employees and clients.  The association wanted to provide insightful data that illustrated how title companies were implementing distancing practices and how their businesses were being affected by the pandemic. In addition, there was a need to survey their members on employment stats in relation to COVID-19 effects. 

SOLUTION: Dynamic Benchmarking worked with ALTA’s team to develop a two-part study that gathered data on both business practices and employment practices from their member land title agencies.  The data provided their members with a snapshot of how their COVID-19 practices compared to others in the industry. Their members were able to adapt and modify based on best practice percentages from leaders in the industry. 


NEED: GMIS International faced a unique challenge in that government workers were essential during COVID-19, but many of their employees needed the ability to work from home. As an industry of government IT leaders, the association wanted to provide data on best practices for home work environments and virtual meetings.

SOLUTION: Through the use of the DB reporting platform, GMIS was able to work with their account manager to quickly develop a set of questions that produced dynamic reports as the data was submitted. The critical reporting allowed their members to compare their remote work security protocols with others in the industry to ensure they weren’t exposing their organizations to risk.  It also provided them with insights into the way others were handling vital government meetings during the pandemic. 


NEED:  AISNE, CALISBOA, ISANNE & PAISBOA wanted to provide their members with timely collaborative data regarding enrollment and financial aid as it relates to the effects of COVID-19 in 2020.  This type of reporting would allow their member organizations to better plan and budget for the upcoming school year. 

SOLUTION:  Dynamic Benchmarking developed a mini flash study that allowed these organizations to survey their members and provide reports within 24 hours.  Using our robust reporting tool, they were able to easily re-launch the report in intervals in order to determine quickly how the data is trending and changing. This information is vital to assisting their members in guidance for 2020/2021. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 2.27.53 PM.png

NEED: TCIA wanted to provide industry wide data that allowed its members to compare their COVID-19 planning and staffing to other organizations in the industry. They needed a way to quickly launch and report this study to their members.  

SOLUTION: The DB team created a short anonymous study that fed into the robust Dynamic Benchmarking reporting platform. Once the survey ended, TCIA was able to provide their members with data immediately because the dynamic reporting was setup on the front-end of the study allowing timely results. 

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