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Measuring the best practices of an industry or an organization has long been one of the most popular uses of benchmarking studies. Industries and associations often use best practices surveys or maturity model platforms to measure compliance to established standards and best practices.

Maturity model platforms are unique and perfect for situations where success is based on accomplishing a series of steps or meeting a defined set of criteria.  Using a “behind the scenes” scoring mechanism, they provide an objective way for users to see how their answers align into pre-defined levels of maturity and be linked to resources to performance improvement. 

Industries and associations can use the collected data to develop content for training materials and programs, measure effectiveness of the standards, offer recognition or accreditation programs, assess competencies and more.

Maturity Model Sample Report: 

Download an example of a Maturity Model report you could be providing your members.

Our reports can be customized to fit your association's specific needs, but our team will help you determine the best guidelines based on our years of experience.

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