As the workforce and consumer increasingly place priority on diversification, your members need a means for measuring where they stack up on diversity.

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D&I Expert Kim Drumgo

Because we know Diversity & Inclusion is a complex and constantly evolving topic, we have partnered with D&I expert Kim Drumgo to provide guidance in setting up our clients' D&I maturity studies. Kim conducted a D&I webinar that you can view at your convenience.

Put the tools in your members hands to easily measure their Diversity & Inclusion Practices‚Äč

To measure Diversity & Inclusion you must understand:

  • Where you are currently with Diversity & Inclusion.

  • Where you need to go to achieve better Diversity & Inclusion.

Dynamic Benchmarking has created a specialized maturity model that allows companies to easily see where they stack up today with D&I, where they need to improve with D&I, and how they perform compared to their peers.


There is a 41% revenue increase for an office with an even gender split as opposed to an all male or all female office. 

Source: MIT, Workplace Diversity Can Help Bottom LIne, 2014 


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