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The International Association of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP) serves the needs of professionals engaged in humanitarian action. An individual-based professional association, PHAP brings together all parts of the humanitarian sector with a shared vision that human life and dignity are safeguarded in the face of humanitarian crises. A key means to this end is to focus on concrete, practical measures to enhance the availability, experiences, skills, competencies, professional networks, and both formal and informal support structures of humanitarian personnel at all levels and in all parts of the system. PHAP has engaged Dynamic Benchmarking to create a new professional development benchmarking platform for its members to measure and compare their professional development, education and responsibilities to their peers.



The International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) works diligently to advance the interests of foodservice distributors through government relations, industry relations, education, and research.  IFDA's members currently operate more than 800 distribution facilities and represent annual sales of more than $125 billion.  Understanding processes is critical for the success of any facility and, as such, IFDA has been offering benchmarking to their members for a long time.  In 2014 IFDA and Dynamic Benchmarking launched the first two surveys in a series:   Human Resources Benchmarks and Operational Safety Metrics.    Collectively called IFDAmetrics, these surveys share core data while also focusing on specific areas of foodservice distribution.  Additional surveys are being developed for release in 2015.



Jewelers of America is a non-profit trade association for businesses and organizations serving the U.S. fine jewelry marketplace, representing every facet of the jewelry industry supply chain. Its primary purpose is to improve consumer confidence in the jewelry industry by acting as a forum for the analysis and discussion of issues affecting the industry; playing a leadership role in public, government and industry affairs; advocating professionalism and high ethical, social and environmental standards; providing timely information and education to its members; and developing initiatives to benefit the retail jewelry marketplace.    Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT) is a non-profit, member-owned association with over 130 years experience delivering commercial credit information, collections, marketing services, and unbiased data and statistics on thousands of retail, wholesale and manufacturing jewelers. Jewelers of America and JBT have partnered with Dynamic Benchmarking to revamp their joint financial and operational study into a more robust and user-friendly experience for their members and the industry as a whole. This new platform will be co-branded and shared by the organizations so as to provide greater access to the information derived from the study for the entire jewelry industry.

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The Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) is a not-for-profit association formed by the powder metal industry to advance the interests of metal powder producing and consuming companies. Made up of six, unique trade associations, MPIF represents the world’s leading suppliers of metal powders, PM parts and products, and processing equipment. MPIF selected Dynamic Benchmarking to automate the data collection and analysis process, provide results quicker and offer members access to personalized reporting. Their first benchmarking study will be a Financial Performance survey for the Powder Metallurgy Parts Association (PMPA), a large survey they’ve conducted for over 25 years. The study will collect Financial, Operational, Injury & Illness, Compensation and Sustainability data from PMPA members and will include trend data from past survey years as well.


The National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (arvc) is the leader in outdoor hospitality and is the only national association exclusively representing the interests of private RV parks and campgrounds in the US.  With over 3000 members, arvc wanted a tool to help private park operators to measure the efficiency and profitability of their businesses and pinpoint areas where improvements are needed.  The arvc and SureVista Solutions LLC co-developed an online benchmarking tool using Dynamic Benchmarking called arvcAdvantEdge.  This online program enables private park operators to compare everything from their nightly, weekly and monthly rates and occupancies to their income and expenses, line item by line item.



The National Association of Stock Plan Professionals (NASPP) has more than 6,000 members whose responsibilities range from the direct design and administration of stock plans, to associated professionals such as securities and tax attorneys, accountants, compensation consultants, corporate secretaries, transfer agents, stock brokers, and software vendors. Committed to enhancing the profession at every level, NASPP provides services that enrich its members’ professional skills and further their professional knowledge, while providing essential leadership in developing and maintaining best practices across the industry. NASPP has engaged Dynamic Benchmarking to develop a new study on equity compensation at private companies which will launch in early 2018. 



The National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA), established in 1985, is a non-profit organization of 184 Indian Nations with other non-voting associate members representing organizations, tribes and businesses engaged in tribal gaming enterprises from around the country.  An early adopter of Dynamic Benchmarking technology, NIGA has been using the Indian Gaming Compensation Survey since 2012.  This survey is a robust and dynamic resource offered by NIGA to casino general managers and HR professionals working in Indian Country.  A powerful, yet simple, interactive tool, this survey collects and aggregates data from individual association members on salary and benefits, work load, professional development and more. Collected data is then available for comparison using customizable data filters and reports providing members with a valuable career assessment tool and businesses with data to assess their hiring, training and compensation practices. 



The National Retail Hobby Stores Association (NRHSA) is a national organization of retail hobby stores with over 300 members in the US and Canada.  Described as a link that connects the entire hobby industry (manufacturers, distributors, publishers and retail hobby shops), NRHSA offers many benefits to its members including providing networking, research, marketing and advertising strategies.   Since NRHSA believes that data is essential to the success of any business, they engaged Dynamic Benchmarking to introduce the NRHSA Benchmarking Survey.  This new tool gives retail hobby stores the ability to compare their performance to other similar stores on an anonymous and secure platform, as well as discover new marketing ideas, areas of operations where help is needed.  It includes only 60 questions and was designed by subject matter experts to provide actionable information for making improved business decisions.  This new survey is designed to help retail hobby stores be more competitive in the hobby market.



The National Safety Council saves lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the roads through leadership, research, education and advocacy. With over 50,000 members from companies large and small, the NSC touches industries from manufacturing to construction across the country.The NSC has contracted Dynamic Benchmarking to assist in the creation of their first ever Best Practices benchmarking study for the collection and comparison of operational, financial, staffing and program data from heads of environmental health and safety departments.



NIRSA believes that collegiate recreation is a significant and powerful key to inspiring wellness in local, regional, and global communities. As college and university students develop into future leaders, NIRSA members support their learning and growth by fostering lifelong habits of wellbeing. Leadership, teamwork, dedication, and respect are among the many skills exercised by inclusive competition, fitness, and recreation. Since its founding in 1950, NIRSA membership has grown to comprise nearly 4,500 dedicated professionals, students, and businesses, serving an estimated 8.1 million students. NIRSA engaged Dynamic Benchmarking to create a new, interactive platform for their Institutional Data Set. This study gives NIRSA members and NIRSA staff access to more meaningful data regarding the facilities, programs, and services offered by member institutions. 

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