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The Forging Industry Association (FIA) is comprised of over 120 North American producers of forged metal components which account for approximately 89% of the custom forging volume produced annually in North America. Forged metals parts are pressed, pounded or rolled into countless configurations and used for critical applications in the aerospace, automotive, construction, materials handling, ordnance, hand tool, agricultural and industrial equipment industries and much more. In addition, over 90 firms supplying equipment, materials, services or supplies to the industry are also members of FIA. The Association, with its predecessor organizations, has served the metal forging industry since 1913.  > Read more

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The Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) serves as the focused voice of the cold chain industry, representing 1,300 member companies in over 65 countries, and provides a platform for communication, networking and education for each link of the cold chain.  The GCCA and its core partners relentlessly study the cold chain industry to identify areas where the cold chain needs to be strengthened and, subsequently, develop resources to help the industry do just that. With GCCA already leading the cold chain industry in data analysis, using a Dynamic Benchmarking platform was the perfect next step.  > Read more



The Maine Municipal Association represents and serves the interests of nearly every municipality in the state of Maine. Founded in 1936, MMA is one of 49 state municipal leagues that, together with the National League of Cities, is recognized at all governmental levels for providing valuable services and advocating for collective municipal interests. As part of these services, MMA has been conducting an annual Salary Survey for over 50 years, delivering valuable data to its members on the benefits and compensation being provided to the over 13,000 municipal officials and employees throughout the state of Maine.  > Read more



The Michigan Townships Association is a voluntary membership association for Michigan’s 1,240 townships.  Its core mission is to advance local democracy by fostering township leadership and public policy essential for a strong and vibrant Michigan.  While the anonymity of data is not an issue in their benchmarking model, understanding and using large quantities of data is a challenge.  Dynamic Benchmarking developed the Michigan Townships Association Salary Survey which offers extensive reporting on compensation for township offices, boards, commissions and employees.  Launched in early 2014, this survey gave townships the ability to compare themselves with others by applying a variety of customizable filters.  Townships are now able to quickly get important information for compensation decision making.



The Outpatient Ophthalmic Surgery Society (OOSS) is the only organization dedicated exclusively to the ophthalmic-driven ambulatory surgical center (ASC).  For over three decades, OOSS has represented the interests of ophthalmic-driven ASCs in Washington, working with Congress, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the ophthalmic and ambulatory surgery center community, and industry partners. OOSS is also well known in the industry as the organization that conducts an annual survey for clinical and business benchmarking, the only survey of its kind designed specifically for ophthalmic ASCs.  Not content to rest on its laurels, OOSS launched an elegant new cloud-based Dynamic Benchmarking platform that features a secure and confidential data collection tool with expanded features called OOSSMark ASC Performance Metrics.   This new survey enables participating facilities to evaluate year-over-year performance, as well as compare their performance with that of other ophthalmic-driven ASCs across the country.  “In the past, we were limited in what we could do, because the survey required manual calculations and tallying,” says Member Services Consultant Albert Castillo. “With this new platform, all data are collected electronically and graphs and charts can be generated for reporting to ASC owners.”  > Read more

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