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Associations, management companies and franchises are perfectly designed to gain immediate benefits from benchmarking due to their innate crowdsourcing nature. The aggregating of both industry trends and key performance indicators occurs on both an informal and formal basis through business networking and industry events, traditional surveys and even simple day-to-day conversations. It’s only natural that these organizations take the lead in providing superior benchmarking solutions to their members.

If you would like to empower your members with dynamically updated comparison data that is meaningful and actionable for their individual businesses, consider partnering with Dynamic Benchmarking. Our web-based benchmarking platform uses the latest in cloud computing technology to deliver simple and

relevant financial, operational and even satisfaction-based performance metrics. As a Dynamic Benchmarking Strategic Partner, you position your organization as a partner in your member companies’ successes while gaining valuable insight into detailed and up-to-the-minute trend data. 

At Dynamic Benchmarking we strive to develop partnerships that benefit both you and your business community. Our innovative platform is a launching pad for creating a valuable performance improvement tool that helps your members and/or businesses succeed while building a stronger sense of community. Information truly IS power – contact us today to learn how to put the power of the crowd to work for your members and member businesses.


Heather Ward

Project Manager and Market Research Manager

Specialty Coffee Association


"Dynamic Benchmarking makes it easier for respondents to filter the data in multiple ways. Our new study takes masses of data and delivers real-world answers instantly, showing the business landscape in a way that’s meaningful to our members."
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