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The Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) is a national organization of physicians, scientists and allied health professionals dedicated to improving public health through disease management and minimally invasive, image-guided therapeutic interventions. SIR's membership consists of more than 6,000 members involved in all aspects of interventional radiology. Members enjoy access to resources, advocacy and engagement at every stage of their career.  

SIR is particularly concerned with attracting quality medical students and residents to interventional radiology (IR) programs. As such, SIR envisioned creating an online directory containing all of the active fellowships available throughout the United States and Canada. While not a survey platform, this new type of model was a perfect fit for Dynamic Benchmarking and the SIR Training Program Directory was born. Developed with one database, but two views, this directory allows IR Program Directors to provide important information about their own programs and medical students, and residents to search for IR programs of interest. SIR added critical filters for looking at subsets of programs, such as location, as well as detailed reports comparing the various procedures that are performed at different programs. SIR predicts that this new model will be of great interest to medical program associations around the world.


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Read the story of SIR and how Dynamic 
Benchmarking helped them
"We’ve already seen a shift in the training pathways IR professionals are taking as well as a change in our primary audience from fellowship candidates to medical students. Thanks to the flexibility of both the Dynamic Benchmarking platform and team, we’re confident that we can evolve our directory to meet the needs of this developing medical specialty."

Jennifer Goubeaux
SIR Program Manager of Graduate Medical Affairs


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